A Person’s Attitude Influences Their Behavior

I’ll never forget the story my daughter recounted one day. She heard this from a speaker in school. Although the story most likely was not true, it nevertheless painted a picture of what “attitude” is and the impact it can have on a person.

“ A man finds himself accidentally locked in a refrigerated boxcar. Unable to get out, he uses a knife to etch words and phrases onto the wooden floor, such as….”It’s so cold, my body is getting numb” and “I don’t have much longer…” As the hours go by, the man slowly succumbs to death. The next day, the man’s body is discovered.  His written records indicate death due to hypothermia, but the physical evidence shows that the temperature never dropped below 50 degrees.  If it wasn’t hypothermia that caused his death, then what was it?

If it wasn’t hypothermia that caused his death, then what was it?


He was going to die, and there were no other options. This story shows how dominant attitude can be and how it can dramatically alter the outcome of any situation.

So what happens when a person’s attitude interferes and affects their behavior? Can a person’s attitude be changed? I think it can. Let me explain.

I have long taught that behaviors can be changed and modified through training, accountability, etc. However, the individual controls their attitude. It’s a choice. The person will bring their own thoughts, feelings, and way of thinking about them and it will manifest outwardly with time. Attitudes determine our behavior. In fact, Webster dictionary defines attitude as; “a feeling or a way of thinking that affects a person’s behavior.” So a leaders job is to consistently influence a person’s behavior. Be persistent and eventually, you will influence their attitude.

Attitude is more important than anything else, it is more important than money, any of your circumstances, or failures and successes. It is more important than your appearance, your talent, or your skill. It will determine your ability to succeed in anything you do.

Attitude: mentoring concept and sign series for business.

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