LEARN TO BE MORE GRATEFUL, A lesson from Jim Rohn

“Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want.”, Jim Rohn

I don’t typically re-post articles.  However, on occasion, when I read something and it helps or moves me, I believe I must share with others.

Over the past few months, I have been feeling very thankful for my life, wife and family. The last few months has been trying to say the least.  The industry I am in, has suffered a great loss of jobs, my daughter has had a challenging pregnancy (my first grandchild) and my mother had triple by-pass surgery.  However, through all the various trials and tribulations, I have seen a work in each affected life including myself.  A change in people, persons and families, in relationships and finances and in circumstances and situations.  I have been grateful to watch how God nudges his will into each situation and how each person has grown in and through it.

Don’t take life circumstances for granted.  But rather, learn to be grateful for everything.  I hope the following article will help you become more grateful in your life. It did me.


 “5 Ways to Be More Grateful Everyday.”, Jim Rhone

I believe one of the greatest lessons we can learn is to be thankful and grateful for what we already have. But gratitude is something we have to work at—to prepare our hearts to be reflective and thankful, to provide room for contemplation of our good fortune.

Here are some words, some thoughts that are simple and practical to apply, that you can use right away in your quest for becoming more grateful:

1. Time – Set aside time regularly to be quiet, to reflect. We live in the fastest paced time. From the moment we awake to the moment we collapse into bed, we have the opportunity to go at full speed and never slow down. If we schedule time every day in which we can be quiet and reflect, we will free our hearts and minds up from the tyranny of the urgent and rushed.

2. Thought – Give thought to the many blessings that you have. Living in a consumer culture, most of us are fully aware of what we do not have—and how we absolutely must have “it.” But how often do we reflect upon that which we already have? Take some time each day and think of one or two things that you have that you may typically take for granted, and then take a moment and give thanks for those things. Make this part of your reflection time.

3. Generosity – Be generous toward those with less and not envious of those with more. We tend to look at others who may be wealthier than ourselves and think, I sure wish I had what he does. That kind of thinking breeds envy and jealousy rather than contentment. What can we do to break that cycle? I would suggest being generous to those who are less fortunate than yourself. Go to work at a food bank. And not just during the holidays, but on a regular basis during the year. That will remind you of how good you really have it.

4. Ask – Ask a friend what they are thankful for. You will be amazed at the answers you receive, and you will create meaningful bonds as you focus on this powerful question.

5. Acknowledge – Lastly, tell those you love how thankful you are for having them in your life. So many times we neglect to take the time to craft the words to express to those closest to us what their presence in our lives means to us. Take the opportunity to write them a note. Let them know what they mean to you, and in return you’ll begin to create the possibility of deeper, richer, more fulfilling relationships with those you love.

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